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Question   Great site.
Karen, very well done ! Keep shooting, keep learning and sharing !

- Tim Arkins December 03, 2008

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Question   Amazing!
Got your Christmas card and was intrigued by the photo. Saw your site on the back and had to check it out. You have some really great pictures posted! New adventures are always aroung the corner or maybe I should say at the end of a lens.

-  December 19, 2007

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Question   Your cat portraits
The portraits of your cat, Asia, are beautiful. My biggest question is, "How did you catch them staying so still?" I have 3 cats in my house and rarely can I catch them sitting still or laying around to take a shot! :) Beautiful portraits, they're all beautiful.

-  August 12, 2007

  Answer I caught Asia when she was resting after a long play. I must have taken 50 pictures before she slowed down. The other trick was to give them a new toy at the same time my daughter was rattling something in the background. Thank you so much for writing. Do you have a website? And, how did you find my site?

- Karen Anderson  August 12, 2007

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Question   Wonderful!
Mom, these photos are amazing! I LOVE the one of Asia on red with the blue feather! I think that's my favorite. I can't wait to see more!

-  April 21, 2007

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